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Bee Beds

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Low Mood…If any of these issues are familiar to you then you are in fact a normal human being!  Life has become so unnatural as we are constantly bombarded with technology and are living life at a faster pace than ever and sadly all these issues are becoming more and more common.

Heal your body and mind using the most natural and ancient tradition which was originally used by royalty to heal, rest and recharge the body.  You will not believe the healing power of resting with the bees until you try it.

What are Bee Beds?

As the name suggests Bee beds are when you rest or sleep on top of the Bee Hives.  Of course the Bees do NOT have access to your room so you can rest in peace!

The Idea of Bee beds is as old as Bee Keeping itself, but has been long forgotten as an alternative form of therapy, but is emerging again as people are seeking a deeper form of natural healing.

It is no secret that beekeepers feel a sense of calm and peace when they are close to an active Beehive.  This is because there is a micro vibrational field of energy that is passed from the hive to the body.  Other factors at play here in the healing process are the sound and smell from the hive.

Of course, we cannot all be Beekeepers and up till now you could not experience the healing power of bees.  Through the random meeting of an Irish and Ukrainian beekeeper (Paul & Anton) we have designed and built the first Bee Bed House in Ireland.

The Experience

You are greeted and briefed on the process.  For safety you wear a bee veil until you enter the room where bees have NO access to you.  You are completely SAFE inside the bee house!!

We have designed and built this unique Bee Bed hut using the best and most natural materials, the feel and design is based on bees and nature, you will enter the most amazing and natural space and will feel an immense sense of calm and peace.

The magic of the bee beds works on the main senses of the human body.  As you lie on the bee bed:

  •   You will Smell the healing particles of the hive – Propolis, Wax, Honey & Pollen.
  •   Your body will feel and absorb the micro vibrational energy & heat given off by thousands of bees happily working beneath your body.
  •   You will hear the soothing sound of the Bees which will act as a meditation tool for the mind.

All you have to do is lie down on the bed and rest while the bees do the work.

You will never forget this life changing experience.


Note: there are 2 beds in the bee house so you can book and share the experience with a friend or partner.

Please read the Bee Beds Terms & Conditions.

Alternatively you can call 087 1700045 to book direct or for more info.

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