✔️ Low carbon footprint

✔️ Family run

✔️ Sustainable business

✔️ Chemical free


The main thing you need to become a beekeeper is simply an interest – If you have this, I can make you a beekeeper in as little as 1 or 2 Classes!

Why Keep Bees? Bees have had a tough time over the past few years, colony collapse caused by the use of chemicals has endangered the bee population of the world. There aren’t many naturally wild bees left as such so it is down to bee keepers to help the bee population.

The world needs more bees to drive biodiversity, not to mention our dependence on bees to pollinate our food crops.

I forgot to mention the other reason why you should keep bees – HONEY, you will never taste anything as good as your own honey, not to mention the medicinal qualities. Honey is in high demand and if you have any excess honey from your bees you are guaranteed to get a high price for
it (And rightly so).

You can learn about bees just to understand or I can quickly train and get you geared up to get started with your own bees.

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