Black Rose Aeonium


Black Rose Aeonium (Aeonium Arboreum) Is a SHOW STOPPER!  Often referred to as a Tree Succulent – it can grow to about 1 meter and will have multiple branches.  Its beauty is what got me addicted to propagating it for the past ten years!  If you like plants you will definitely need a Black Rose Aeonium in your garden!!  It is a perennial succulent that can live for up to 10 years and even when they die you can take cuttings from the branches!  They can survive low minus temperatures but should be placed in a shed or greenhouse for storms and severe minus temperatures.  They are not affected by salt air and are pretty tough in many senses.  My advice is to keep it in a nice pot so you can move around as you need.  They will turn very dark from April and black during the summer. Here at Island OrganiX you can choose from all shapes and sizes.   The size will be reflected in the price.  If you want a very large Black Rose Aeonium you must collect at Island Organix.  If you want any specific shape or size that is not listed just call me on 087 1700045 and we can pick out the exact one for you.
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**Image is not the actual plant!!
** Please check the specified approximate size before you purchase.
** Sizes do NOT include the height of the pot.