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Our aim is to make you Happier & Healthier!

Hello and welcome to Revive.

Revive was created because of a random meeting between an Irish Beekeeper (Paul) and a Ukrainian Beekeeper (Anton).   Some would call this a random meeting but we feel it was set up by the universe.   Anton had no English when we met so we communicated and became friends through the honey bee as this is both our passions.

I (Paul) had already been running a business (Island OrganiX) which sells ornamental plants, Microgreens and Honey.  We joined forces and created Valentia bee beds which is the first of its kind in Ireland & probably a lot of western Europe.

The Bee bed experience thought us so much and sparked our curiosity in many ways which led us to the idea of creating another experience that would uplift, heal and energize the body using the latest technology mixed with our other ideas.  We created a new one-of-a-kind experience combining PEMF technology, Red Light, NIR, Scent and Sound. 

We also have a shop where we sell our own Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Creams, Soaps, Candles and much more.  All home made with our own ingredients.

Our aim (and ethos) is to make our customers feel happier & healthier through the most relaxing and uplifting experiences.  Our experiences improve people’s health as do our products.

We guarantee that you will be blown away with what you see and feel from our products & experiences.

Any questions? Just call me (Paul) anytime!

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Thank you & have a great day!!!

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