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✔️ Low carbon footprint

✔️ Family run

✔️ Sustainable business

✔️ Chemical free

Island OrganiX was born out of a passion for Plants, Bees, MicroGreens and living a more sustainable natural life!

Here at Island OrganiX we sell sustainable Natural Unique products such as Microgreens, Our own Valentia Island honey and some very unusual Plants & Succulents.


Island OrganiX is situated on the top of a mountain on Valentia Island Co. Kerry, looking dramatically out at the Skellig Islands, you will never forget the view here and it is really worth making a trip!


I’m Paul and up until age 30 like most people I had no idea what I wanted to do! From engineering to business – I studied everything and just couldn’t get any satisfaction from these subjects.  Without even thinking or trying, plants came into my life by a twist of faith.


I started collecting plants and trees, while studying and experimenting during which I thought myself all I needed to know and it didn’t even feel like work!  Propagating plants is so interesting & fun!!

Naturally I started to grow my own food. I experimented with microgreens in a small shed and quickly realised they are one of the most efficient ways of growing nutritious food in your own home in a matter of days rather than months!


When you learn about plants and food you naturally end up thinking about Bees as they are so vital to the world.  After watching a documentary about the importance of bees and how they are being threatened I decided I was going to conquer my fears and become a Bee Keeper. 


At this point I realised I wanted to dedicate my life to Plants, Microgreens & Bees, so I made my obsession into my business & Island OrganiX was born.  That started 10 years ago which has led you and me to this moment!


We produce and sell products that are beautiful, unique, healthy & the best thing about our products is that they don’t hurt the planet, they are natural & sustainable.


It doesn’t end there, I’ve realised that the secret to living a more natural sustainable happy life comes with making a connection with nature through plants, bees and animals.  That is why my main ambition is to teach people of all ages that they can reconnect with nature through Plants, Bees & Food.  I have a different approach to teaching, I cut out the bull and if you take one of my classes you will learn with ease through pure interest and enjoyment.


Plants & Nature are really what life’s all about!

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