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Terms & Conditions

Bee Beds rules (terms & Conditions)

For your comfort and for the bees comfort please follow the guidelines below.

We want the bees to work and live as they normally would during your session to maintain their normal frequency and vibration, Bees have a very sensitive sense of smell so it is very important that the user does not bring any pungent smells into the cabin.

Noise is to be kept to a minimum and you should switch of your phone as we want the only frequencies in the cabin to be your body and the hives.

Please do not wear any perfume or body sprays as the bees do like the smell and it may change their normal behaviour.

Please shower on the day of your session and make sure you do not smell of sweat as this may also upset the bees (and the person that may be in the other bed .

Please try to use the toilet before you arrive.

There is to be no food or sugar drinks brought into the cabin (Water only).

You will be covered while entering and exiting the cabin but remember there is always a chance you might be stung so if you have any severe allergies to Bees you should avoid this therapy.

While we will make every effort to ensure your safety, we cannot accept any liability or blame if you are accidently stung, you must be aware of the dangers of entering an apiary and accept that it is your decision to come and take part in the Bee bed experience and therefore you accept the danger and will not hold Island OrganiX responsible.

If you’re OK with all that you are ready to feel the healing power of Bees!

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